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Professional In-Office 35% H202 Whitening Kit









In-Office Teeth Whitening 35 PercentInstructional Considerations

Checking Shade:

Life-Like endorses the Vita classic or the Vita 3D for shade assessment. It is important

that the patient takes an active role in this procedure. Example: Call out or announce

the shade number. Use a mirror and let them see the shade comparison.

Performing Prophylaxis:

We recommend this procedure to remove extrinsic stains and facilitate a greater

chance for a good seal when using a light cured paint-on dam.

Soft Tissue Protection:

Liquid dental-dam. Suggestion – use cotton swab to smear thin layer of vitamin E oil

approximately width of swab before applying liquid dam. This creates a nonstick

barrier for the soft tissue upon removal of dam.

Air dry the gingival area and apply the paint-on dam around one (1) or two (2) teeth at

a time and cure for 30-45 seconds with standard dental curing light or 15-20 seconds

with plasma arc light. Testing the dam with a light blast of air can help reassure a good

seal. If the air can get in then the hydrogen peroxide can too.

35% H202 and Enhancer:

When mixed these two chemicals react rather quickly so take steps to avoid mixing

them directly together in a dappen dish. Use assigned brushes for each to avoid cross



Avoid contact with soft tissue – use appropriate protection, gloves for clinician, and

safety glasses for both patient & clinician. H²O² is extremely caustic and will burn soft


You can use retractors or have patient rest teeth on a “bite-block” in molar region and

place cotton rolls into vestibule when using liquid dam.

For the lower arch: use saliva ejector and cotton rolls in the sublingual area to prevent

saliva from flowing on to the facial surface of the teeth.

Checking Shade:

By the end of the treatment the patient’s teeth will be dehydrated to some degree and

this will affect the ending results by providing a false shade. Option 1 – Informing the

patient that the teeth will rehydrate and the actual brightness will be accurate in a few

days. Option 2 – Recalling the patient in three to six days to assess the end result.

Follow up at-home:

In-office whitening should always be followed up with at-home bleaching trays of

carbamide peroxide in Life-Like’s Twist & Seal syringe for completion or touchup


Patient can be instructed to use at-home whitening for 3-4 days. Remaining bleach

can be used for future touchups.

 Applying 35% H202 and Enhancer:

Place 12-14 drops of #9 enhancer* into a dappen dish. Express

approximately 1-2cc of 35% H²O² gel into a separate dappen dish. Use a

separate brush for each to avoid cross contamination. Air-dry area to be


Step 1

Paint each tooth surface with #9 Enhancer. Air-dry to remove excess

enhancer with dry cotton roll or 2×2.

Step 2

Paint thin coat of the 35% H²O² gel on the tooth surfaces, avoiding soft

tissue. Bleach should remain on tooth surface for 10 minutes.

Step 3

Remove any gel with low vacuum & wipe with end of a cotton roll or 2×2.

Repeat Steps

4 times or until desired shade is achieved.

Treat Blanching

Topical application vitamin E oil.


Seal teeth with a standard ACP or fluoride.


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