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Professional At-Home Whitening Reference

Kit boxAt-home whitening using carbamide peroxide is, by far, the best all-around modality for whitening teeth. Ten percent carbamide peroxide was the first whitener introduced into the mainstream of dentistry. Percentages have risen significantly as now 30% has been proved safe and to produce the fastest and most predictable results. Many dentists continue to use the lower percentages for varied reasons. Here are a few guidelines to help you when selecting the best percentage for individual patient cases and your practice.

10%Treatments:Two Daily 30-45 Minutes
Common Use: Whitening, Cleaning & Debriding
Carbamide peroxide was first found to whiten teeth while being used in low concentrations to treat periodontal disease. The use of carbamide peroxide in whitening trays has helped bring the practice back to it’s periodontic roots. By trimming the trays so that it overlaps the gingiva and using 1/2 ccs of material, studies show the treatments clean and debride the gums as well as provide maintenance level whitening.

15% Treatments: Two Daily 30-45 Min., Days: 18-26,
Common Use: Conservative Whitening
Not long ago, 15% C.P. was the highest selling percentage for many manufacturers. These days, 15% has been left in the middle as the higher percentages have proven themselves safe and more effective. It does still have a place in your practice. Fifteen percent can be the right choice for a patient who you believe will not follow dosage instructions and may likely overfill of the tray and cause blanching.

20%Treatments: Two Daily 30-45  Min., Days: 14-20, Use: Fast Whitening, Minimum Soft Tissue Irritation Twenty percent also has been caught in the middle. It is not likely to cause blanching, but can cause some soft tissue irritation. It whitens well but requires longer treatment sessions and more treatment days than its 30% cousin. Twenty percent is also a good choice for patients who want fast results but who you believe may have trouble following directions or who may have oversensitive soft tissue issues.


30%Treatments: Two Daily 20-30 Min. Days: 7-10, Use: Fastest, Most Predictable Some practices, such as the renown clinician Dr. William Strupp, are now whitening all their patients with 30%. When you have a patient who wants the fastest, most predictable results, 30% is the best route. Dr. Drosman’s 1,500 patient study has shown that 30% is safe. Patient compliance is a major factor
in treatment effectiveness and satisfaction. The fast, predictable results of 30% keeps the patients involved and engaged and
makes dual arch whitening an overwhelming advantage for your patients whose time is precious.