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Professional In-Office Whitening Systems

35% H2O2  5.5cc Single Syringe

Cat. 8035

Easy to control 35% hydrogen peroxide gel in one 5.5 cc Seal-Syringe. It comes with a bottle of #9 Enhancer. Use with rubber dam and ligation.

Shelf life 6 months.
Store refrigerated. Bring to room temperature before using. Store enhancer at room temperature.








35% H2O2 In-Office Whitening Kit

Cat. 8000

A safe, effective and easy way to get desired predictable results, without the Light. A responsible product for the discerning professional.

Includes: 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, #9 Enhancer, Liquid Dam (Light-Cured), Vitamin E oil, Brush Applicators










Cat. 8020 5.5cc 15% Syringe Booster (Carbamine Peroxide)

44% pH neutral carbamide peroxide (15.8% H2O2) can be safely used in a stent to bleach the upper arch (only). Carefully trim the stent to prevent overlapping soft tissue. Express 1/4 cc of gel into the stent. Disperse three drops of #9 Enhancer over the bleach in the tray. Place stent in the patient’s mouth, wipe gums with dry 2×2, wait two minutes and wipe soft tissue again. Keep the patient under observation for 20-30 minutes. It’s that easy! Seal-Syringe delivery means less waste of material and better control.

Shelf life 9 months.
Bring syringes to room temperature before using. Store enhancer at room temperature.

Single Syringes






No. 9 Enhancer – .8cc Syringe

Cat. 8050

#9 Enhancer accelerates the whitening process.

Store at room temperature.
Single Syringe



ProphyWhite Kit – 8 patient pack

Cat. 8085

Use caution when handling and using this product. This product is a Prophylaxis using the preppy and the “twisted” angled prophy-cup provided. Repeat steps three or four passes until all the product is gone.