Dear Friends,

Since 1990, we have proudly served cosmetic dentists all over the world with their professional teeth bleaching solution.  To express our gratitude to our loyal customers, we are offering a fall special:

Order $100 or more in the next 72 hours and we’ll throw in an extra $20 credit!

We succeed when your dental practice succeeds, so Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions has a wide variety of marketing materials to help explain our teeth whitener products to your patients. We are proud to offer our “Marketing for Dentists” resources to assist our dental partners in explaining teeth whitening to their patients. Although we work on our own to educate prospective patients about tooth whitening, we also recognize the huge role dentists have in helping patients form an opinion of the Life-Like brand, and providing the actual dental whitening service.


Buy $100 and GET AN EXTRA $20 for no additional charge! Call (800) 543-3545 or email


Offer expires 10/7/16