Dental hygiene is a staple in most people’s life. Overall, we do an excellent job of keeping our teeth healthy, and the way dentists treat their patients prevents a multitude of potential gum diseases, tooth aches and more. Patients understand the importance of going to the dentist, and they make sure to take time to get their teeth cleaned.

Patients also understand that sometimes heavier treatment is needed to get their teeth where they want. Some procedures, like braces or dental surgery, are used to improve how teeth look. Patients want to have the best looking teeth possible, and they’re willing to take a visit to the dentist to make that happen. Sure, there are over the counter remedies and solutions that patients can use, but they trust their dentist more than store bought products.


When it comes to dental whitening, your patients want to know that they’re getting the best quality whitening possible. With Life-Like’s professional whitening kits, you can give your patients the teeth bleaching products they need to get their smile shining bright! Here are a few reasons why you should pick Life-Like for your dental supplies.

Patients Want Professional Teeth Whitening

For many cosmetic dentists, orthodontists or other dental health professionals, pushing teeth whitening on patients may seem like an extra step that doesn’t pay off. However, studies show that almost 9 out of 10 patients will request tooth whitening from their orthodontists. If a patient is coming in to get their teeth cleaned professionally, they are concerned with the way their smile looks.

Life-Like understands that you, the professional, is going to do a much better job than any store bought teeth bleaching kits. We sell a number of different bleaching products to make sure that your patients will have access to the specific procedure they need to brighten their smile.

Life-Like Offers Multiple Whitening Options

As a dentist, you know that there is no “one size fits all” product. The same goes for teeth whitening services, and we understand that as well. To make sure that your patients are getting the best teeth whitening products, we’ve designed different dosages – and treatments – for each different scenario.

While we do offer in-office teeth bleaching kits, we also offer at-home options. These options come with different concentrations of bleaching depending on what’s recommended by you, the professional. Even though they’ll use the product at home, they will still be getting their teeth bleaching kits and advice from you.

Life-Like Doesn’t Compete With You

While Life-Like is concerned with making sure people get the best teeth bleaching kits possible, we know that you, the professional, is going to make the magic happen. We act as a source for top quality products and we only sell to professionals. You will never see Life-Like teeth whitening products in stores or on EBAY.  We want to help you give your patients the teeth whitening products they want.

However, this doesn’t mean that we won’t be involved in your business. We will always be here as a resource for you to come to if you need anything related to teeth bleaching. Also, we provide material for your business to help your clients understand the benefits of teeth bleaching. Your clients won’t feel alone either; we have extensive material online that they can access at any time to learn more about the product you’ll be using.

Life-Like Has Years Of Experience

When it comes to picking a new source for professional bleaching products, you’ll want to know that you’re picking a company that know what it’s doing. Life-Like has been offering professional teeth whitening products for over 25 years, so we know the difference between good and bad whitening products.

With time comes experience, and we can boast that we have plenty of experience in our field just as you have experience in yours. A professional partnership will work best when you know you’re working with experts. After two and a half decades of working with professionals, you can be rest assured that we’re the real deal when it comes to teeth whitening products.

Our Products Are Proven To Work

You don’t stay in business for over 25 years without having fantastic products at the right price. Our teeth whitening products are guaranteed to help brighten your patients’ smiles. For proof, we have pictures and readings on successful teeth whitening on our website that you and your patients can go to for reference. We are both experts in our fields – let’s work together to bring out expertise to those who want it!

Patients Feel Safe With Life-Like

Even though it has started to become more popular and common over the years, there are still some major problems that can arise with heavy duty teeth whitening. Patients will be sure to research the products they’re going to be using, and they may get cold feet and feel uncomfortable when they learn about problems that can occur while using teeth bleaching kits.

teeth with whitening tray

teeth with whitening tray

We have a proven track record with your patients. If they have any concerns, they can always visit our information page so they can learn more about our products, what they are and why they work. Our products are designed to work with any individual, and with your training as a professional, they’ll be in good hands throughout their tooth whitening process.

About Life-Like: Life-Like has been serving the dental hygiene community since 1990. Our catalog of teeth whitening products will provide everything you need. “Like” our Facebook page to keep up to date on the latest news in the cosmetic dentistry world! Call 1-800-LIFE-LIKE to see how we can improve your dental practice!