Social Media Tactics for Dentists

Taylor Reaume

Taylor Reaume
Founder of Search Engine Pros

From: Taylor Reaume, “The Life-Like Web Guy”

In this online age, social media accounts for 30% of all online activity and has become a vital marketing and customer service tool for businesses, including dental practices. Creating a healthy social media presence should be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy and if you get it right, you can increase brand identity, create a sense of community with your patients, boost your website’s search engine page rankings and gain new clients. Here’s a look at seven of the top social media tactics you should be using.

Which social media platforms should you use?

Before we start breaking down social media tactics, here’s a look at the top platforms you can use and their popularity in terms of monthly active users according to Statista:

  • Facebook – the world’s biggest social media platform with 1.87 billion monthly active users.
  • Instagram – a photo-sharing app with over 600 million monthly active users.
  • Twitter – perfect for quick, focused updates in less than 140 characters. The platform has 317 million active monthly users.
  • Snapchat – an app that allows you to send videos and pictures, but they last a limited amount of time. This fairly new app has gained 300 million monthly active users.
  • Pinterest – a bookmarking tool that allows users to pin images to a themed board. Pinterest has 150 million active monthly users.

When you create profiles on these channels make sure that you use the same background, logo, about text and profile pictures for brand consistency.


Social Media Tactics for Dentists

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1. Run Contests

Sweepstakes and contests are a great way to generate a buzz on your social media channels, reward your customers and potentially grow your audience. Offer discounts and prizes for the winners and consider running a ‘patient of the month’ giveaway.

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2. Use Social Media As A Customer Service Tool

These days, when patients want to find out information about your practice, book or cancel an appointment or give you feedback, they’re more likely to check your Facebook page than call your office. Use them to provide up-to-date, accurate information about offers and events, to answer patient queries and interact with your clients.

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3. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook has become a key advertising platform because their ads are generally cheaper and more effective than traditional advertising avenues such as print, radio or even Google Adsense. In fact, Moz calculates that spending $1 per day on Facebook gets your brand in front of 4,000 people.

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4. Give Back To Your Community

Boost your brand identity by getting involved with your local community. Sponsor some charities or events, preferably dental-related, such as working with organizations that provide free dental care to those who can’t afford it.

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5. Create Videos

Creating videos to share on your social media channels is a great way to catch people’s attention. Keep videos short, ideally less than five minutes long. Consider recording short patient testimonials for example, taking a tour of your office, demonstrating procedures or creating useful ‘how-to’ advice guides for patients.

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6. Drive Traffic To Your Site Using Pinterest

According to Shareaholic, the social media platform Pinterest drives more web traffic than Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit combined. Make use of this bookmarking/pin board tool by creating pins for any content you publish and pin them to relevant boards.

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7. Share Personal Updates And Testimonials

Use social media to show the human side of your business. Patients are loyal to practices where they feel comfortable with friendly, familiar staff. So, keep the tone of your social media updates personal and in line with this ethos.

Don’t forget…

Social media is meant to be social, so make sure that you connect with your audience and reply to every comment you receive, which means monitoring all your social media platforms. Consistency is also key, so schedule regular updates across your channels, with a mix of content from videos to blog posts, photos, questions, contests and new reports. There are plenty of automated scheduling tools you can use for this such as Hootsuite, Crowdfire and Tailwind.


Taylor Reaume

Taylor Reaume

“The Life-Like Web Guy”

Taylor Reaume is the Life-Like Webmaster and founder of Search Engine Pros, a multi-touch online marketing agency offering full service web strategy, including search engine optimization, pay per click and social media consulting.

Taylor started designing websites in 1998, and has built over 600 sites, and published 30,000+ pages of content on the web. As his web business grew, he started to offer SEO services, and became a local authority on SEO because word got around that one of the sites was getting over 200,000 unique visitors per month… which led to the sale of the site for six figures in 2007.

He resides in sunny Santa Barbara, CA and spends most of his days solving the world’s web related problems, dancing salsa and whitening his teeth.