Why offer PerioRenew
to your patients?

Why PerioRenew?

  • It is a pH neutral, water-based gel.
  • It delivers a low concentration, safe, hydrogen peroxide gel at and below the gum line, via a personal custom-made dental tray.
  • It is non-invasive, and reduces the need for deep scaling.
  • Breaks down Biofilm and kills bacteria that causes plaque and inflammation.
  • Use before and after dental procedures to keep the gingiva healthy.
  • By using PerioRenew regularly at home, patients can take control of their oral health and brighten their teeth for a more radiant smile.
  • Normally applied after brushing or flossing to reduce biofilm under the gum line.

PerioRenew Advantages

Keeping your patients teeth and gums as clean and healthy as possible clearly has its benefits. One of the best non-surgical ways to clean and brighten teeth is by using biofilm reducing pH neutral PerioRenew. This is accomplished by wearing a customized bleaching tray that directs the H2O2 gel into and under the gum line. PerioRenew is easy to use as part of a daily oral care routine.

Healthy Gums. Brighter Smile.

Unhealthy gums can dramatically impact more than just your smile.

Oxygenating the gums helps them to stay robust and “in the Pink” when used daily, PerioRenew can help keep your gums healthy and teeth bright.
No one likes the appearance or discomfort of red, swollen unhealthy gums. By using oxidizing PerioRenew regularly, your patient’s teeth and gums will look better, feel better and their breath will be fresher.

Talk to your patient today about PerioRenew and find out how it can help enhance and improve the health of their beautiful smile.