“Revolutionary shower whitening system your patients will love!”
“The first teeth whitening company to offer 20% carbamide peroxide whitening!”

No Mess Dispensing

Unlike other whitening syringes, the patented Life-Like applicator:

  • Requires no assembly
  • It’s not a syringe that can take a needle
  • Opens and closes the flow by simply twisting the cap
  • Has a built -in, fine-control tip that makes it easy to control the placement
  • Does not continue to ooze whitening material after first use
  • Is reusable for hobbies or as a handy water pistol

Teeth Whitening Products

Both our At-Home and In-Office systems offer exceptionally practical and effective products at the right price.
At-Home 30% Carbamide Peroxide – Get the fastest, most predictable results with low wear time and low sensitivity.
Rx Whitening puts professional whitening just where it belongs – in the hands of the dental professional.
Today’s dental practice relies on the influx of new patients. Tooth bleaching is one of the most effective entry points for the first time patient.
See the amazing results of Life-Like Teeth Whitening in these before and after photos!

How Our Products Work

Just Ask, We’ll Answer
Will whitening damage my teeth
Not at all. The whitening process will not affect your enamel, tooth structure, bonding or restorations. Whitening acts only on the molecules that carry the discoloration.
How long will whitening take?
You’ll see results right away, usually within three days of starting the whitening process. The complete process normally takes between one and two weeks, but treatment times will vary depending on the source, type, and depth of the discoloration.
Is there any discomfort?
There is little, if any. Some patients might feel an increased sensitivity to cold, heat, or pressure during the whitening process, but this sensitivity ends a day or two after the treatment is completed. Any note of persistent discomfort should be reported to your dentist.
What if I have more questions?
Just ask. Our office is well experienced in tooth whitening treatments, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process or the results. Email us at customers@life-like.com or give us a call at (800) LIFE-LIKE (543-3545).
Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions

Life-Like’s gel works FASTER and consequently patients are more compliant.

William C. Strupp, Jr., DDS, FAACD

Dr. Rhonda Nasser

My go to whitening system for about 18 years. I recommend this before any chair side whitening system. Thanks so much!

Dr Rhonda Nasser, D.D.S., P.A.

Dr. Matthew Yarnis

Patients love the fast, safe results. It’s the only bleaching product we use at Plum Point Dental. We have peace of mind knowing we will have a happy, satisfied patient with the Life-Like whitening system.

Dr. Matthew Yarnis

Craig Downen D.D.S.

The Seal-Syringe is an exceptional delivery system. It simplifies the process for the patient. I have used the product myself, and it is the only home bleaching product I offer in my practice. The consistency of the bleach itself is ideal for short-session bleaching, and, in terms of price, it’s a bargain.

Craig Downen, D.D.S.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
The Original Teeth Whitening System

Life Like Whitening comes with the industry’s only 100% satisfaction money0back guararntee!

Ask About PerioRenew

Do you have periodontitis patients? Ask us about PerioRenew – our latest dental product that breaks down biofilm while killing the germs that cause bad breath. View product video here. Our formula will not acid-etch enamel like other H202 gels, (because the gel is PH Neutral) making it safe to use before and after the invasive procedures.