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Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions® is giving away 25 iPad Minis (or equivalent) for the BEST “before-and-after” photos
submitted by Life-Like dentists of a patient they’ve treated with Life-Like whitening products.

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Craig Downen, D.D.S..
Santa Barbara, California
"The Seal-Syringe is an exceptional delivery system. It simplifies the process for the patient. I have used
the product myself, and it is the only home bleaching product I offer in my practice."

"Patients love the fast, safe results. It's the only bleaching product we use at Plum Point Dental.
We have peace of mind knowing we will have a happy, satisfied patient with the Life-Like whitening

Dr. Matthew Yarnis, D.D.S.
Plum Point Dental

Cathy from Dr. Robert Giuliani's Office
Grass Valley, California

"On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate you 10. I even say that to our patients. I like your product
better. There is less time between touch-ups."

William C. Strupp, Jr., DDS, FAACD
Renowned Crown & Bridge Clinician

"Life-Like's gel works FASTER and consequently patients are more compliant."

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"Life-Like is now providing educational, informative blog and
newsletter content for dentists to promote their
practices to their patients, AT NO COST!"

Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth Whitening Products

Both our At-Home and In-Office systems offer exceptionally practical and effective products at the right price.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! - The Original Teeth Whitening System


Professional At Home Whitening
At-Home 30% Carbamide Peroxide – Get the fastest, most predictable results with low wear time and low sensitivity.
Professional In Office Whitening
Rx Whitening puts professional whitening just where it belongs – in the hands of the dental professional.
Professional Marketing Materials
Today’s dental practice relies on the influx of new patients. Tooth bleaching is one of the most effective entry points for the first time patient. 
Professional Before & After Photos
See the amazing results of Life-Like Teeth Whitening in these before and after photos!
Professional Dental Directory

Professional Dental Directory

Are you a Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions dentist?  Add your practice to our exclusive dental professionals directory and increase your find-ability on the web!  Life-Like offers all our dental professionals a FREE listing on our web site. 


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Teeth Whitening Testimonials

Teeth Whitening Testimonials


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