Sponge Laminate Instructions

Foam-lined trays are an ideal option for use with standard bottled gels. The foam layer melts down during the vacuum forming process to produce little “pockets” that hold extra bleach to the teeth, eliminating the need for the die spacer. A few helpful suggestions for using this laminate tray material are as follows:

  • Remove the protective coating from the hard side of the bleaching laminate.
  • Place the laminate into the vacuum unit with the foam down toward the model.
  • Heat material until the material softens. If a yellowing or browning occurs, the bleaching laminate has been overheated. IMPORTANT – The model height must be as low as possible. Use a model trimmer or coping saw and reduce the base height of model to within five millimeters of the gingival line.
  • For best adaptation, use a cold wet tissue and press with fingers to adapt the bleaching laminate around the model while suction is on. This pushes the laminate in against the model giving a better overall adaptation.
  • Use crown and bridge scissor to trim the laminate tray along the gingival line.
  • Have the patient place bleaching solution in the foam part of the laminate tray and use as directed.
  • The facial side of the foam will hold and maintain more active bleaching against the tooth’s surface than a regular tray.

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