Professional In-Office 15% H202 Power Bleach

15% H202 Power Bleach – Stent Technique

(44% Carbamide Peroxide Equivalent)

Waiting Room Whitening
For In-Office Use Only

Bleaching Stent Technique

Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions® 15% Hydrogen Peroxide Power Bleach has been formulated to be most effective when used in a stent for the UPPER ARCH, provided that the proper safety precautions are taken.

Our Power Bleach is an ideal material for use in situations where a patient has particularly heavy staining, needs a psychological boost to help follow through on the total bleaching program, or needs an immediate reduction in staining as a prelude to the at-home bleaching. As with all power bleaches, in order to assure longevity it is best to have the patient do a full course of lower concentration at-home bleaching after-treatment with the 15% Hydrogen Peroxide Power Bleach.


UPPER ARCH: Form stent on vacuum-former. This will be the same stent the patient takes home for at-home bleaching. After vacuum-forming, while the stent is still on the model, trace along the gingival margin with a ballpoint pen. Remove the stent from the model and carefully trim at the markings. Take special care to trim the stent to stay off the soft tissue.

1. Take “before” pictures and shade guide reading.

2. Polish the teeth.

3. Evenly express 1/4 cc of material into the tooth impressions of the teeth to be treated.

4. Place stent on teeth. A small amount of material may foam out. Wipe excess material from gums with a dry 2×2 and wipe once more with a slightly moist 2×2. Place dry 2×2 in labial vestibule to further prevent gel from contacting the soft tissue. Leave passively in the patient’s mouth (in dental chair or waiting room) for up to 30 minutes.

5. Follow through with at-home bleaching using Life-Like 15, 20 or 30% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel.

6. Take “after” pictures and shade guide reading.



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