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 Dear Dental Professionals,

These marketing materials are everything you need to boost tooth whitening in your practice.  Two sided table tents, statement stuffers/flyers with a variety of coupon offers, 11″x 14″ frameable prints reinforce your bleaching expertise, and stimulate inquiries. These coordinated marketing tools make it easy to maximize your bleaching success. Using all the tools in the kit as instructed significantly increases patient acceptance of the procedure, thereby helping to increase referrals to your practice.  (reference Cat. 9015)

Today’s dental practice relies on the influx of new patients. Tooth bleaching is one of the most effective entry points for the first time patient. This virtually painless process produces almost immediate results that make your patients happy. It gives them the opportunity to become familiar with, and confident in, your staff, you, and your practice. The Life-Like Marketing Kit is an easy-to-use package of tools that you can readily adapt to the needs of your practice. The elements of the kit include:

  • Counter Cards / Table Tents
  • Statement Stuffers
  • Patient Brochure
  • General Tips

Your marketing tools for bleaching are meant to be used in conjunction with each other. Your office is essentially “presenting” bleaching to the patient. Therefore, every piece of literature or instructional material that you have pertaining to bleaching should be consistent in appearance. The patient then forms a firm impression about the kind of bleaching services you offer based upon the consistent image that you present. Give our system a 90-day trial. Use it as it’s designed and you will see your practice grow.

Counter Cards / Table Tents – Ask About Tooth Whitening

These attractive “Ask About Tooth Whitening” cards should be placed in conspicuous places in your waiting room and in each operatory. The reception area counter is a prime example, as the patient will see the card on both entry and exit. Instruct your Receptionist how to answer some of the most common patient questions about bleaching so he or she can immediately respond to your patients. Make sure a number of “All About Tooth Whitening” brochures are handy at all times.

Table Tent – 4 in x 8 in

Dental Practice Marketing ToolsDental Practice Marketing Tools

Statement Stuffers – Your Very Own Outside Salesperson

With teeth whitening, marketing is simply a matter of informing your patients and presenting them with enough information to come to the decision on their own. Our statement stuffers are compact, visually pleasing, and do not “push” the patient. On your next billing cycle, include one with each statement and watch the inquiries multiply! Each stuffer directs the patient to either speak to one of your staff members, or come in and pick up a free brochure. In either case, it is an invitation to your patients to examine the options your practice makes available.

Statement Stuffer/Flyer – 3.5 in x 6 in








Frameable Prints – 11in   x   14in

Dental Practice Marketing Tools

Dental Practice Marketing Tools

Dental Practice Marketing Tools


10.25 x 14 – Smile Poster

Teeth Whitening Systems

Patient Brochures – All About Tooth Bleaching

Place a stack of these brochures on the reception counter and prominently in your waiting room. They will then be the first thing that your patients see to read. When your office is busy, and time is valuable for your staff members, instruct them to hand these out to curious patients. Make sure you have enough on hand so you can distribute a few to each patient who requests information. On the back of this brochure there is a place to stamp your name and the address and phone numbers of your office. Take into consideration that your own satisfied patients are the most powerful tool you have to promote your practice. These brochures are an outstanding tool for them to use to spread the word . . . and they’ll do so willingly.

7 Hour Whitening Brochure

Cat. 9082

teeth whitening brochure

This Free 10 pack of brochures is a great way to educate your patients regarding At Home Teeth Bleaching. Also includes a clear Brochure holder.

All About Tooth Whitening Brochure

Cat. 9085

teeth whitening brochure

Free (10 Pack) Patient Brochures lower concentrations. Includes a clear Brochure holder.

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