“Minutes a Day” Patient Brochures (pack of 10)

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The materials are also available for a nominal amount if no order is placed.

Life-Like’s marketing materials are designed to educate patients on tooth whitening and boost your professional practice. Whitening information in the hands of patients, their friends and families is the best way to advertise your office as an informed and responsible choice.

Place a stack of these brochures on the reception counter and prominently in your waiting room. They will then be the first thing that your patients see to read. When your office is busy, and time is valuable for your staff members, instruct them to hand these out to curious patients. Make sure you have enough on hand so you can distribute a few to each patient who requests information. On the back of this brochure there is a place to stamp your name and the address and phone numbers of your office. Take into consideration that your own satisfied patients are the most powerful tool you have to promote your practice. These brochures are an outstanding tool for them to use to spread the word . . . and they’ll do so willingly.

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