Well another year is quickly coming to a close and for most people that means taking stock of where they have been in the past year, and thinking about where they want to go in the year ahead. Here at Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions, we have spent the last year being laser-focused on helping dentists find ways to build their dental practice in 2018. We continue to offer state-of-the-art teeth whitening products to help patients achieve the dream of whiter teeth, and we have even introduced a few new products along the way.

We only sell our teeth bleaching kits directly to you, the dentist, so you are free to build a stronger relationship with your patients. But we know that running a dental practice, supervising a dental care team, and managing your administrative tasks are full-time jobs on their own. That is why we do our very best to help you market and promote our professional whitening kits and at-home bleaching kits to your patient base.

Our dental practice marketing tools include:

  • A dental whitening provider directory, so patients can easily find you when they are thinking about getting their teeth whitened.
  • In-office marketing materials including counter cards/table tents, statement stuffers, and patient brochures about dental whitening.
  • In addition to our own informative monthly blog, we also provide monthly dental marketing stock content to help you educate your patients about the benefits of tooth bleaching – all you have to do is add your practice name and send it out to your patient database. What could be easier?

Life-Like was the first teeth whitening company to offer 20% carbamide peroxide whitening for maximum patient results. You can trust Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions to continue to offer the original dental whitening system, but we have also introduced other products that can help your practice make more money:

  • Shower teeth whitening system: These days everyone wants products that are quick and easy to use. That is why we added a shower teeth whitening system to our line of dental supplies. Now even the busiest of patients can whiten teeth in the time it takes for a daily shower with our no-muss, no-fuss solution.
  • PerioRenew: For patients with gum problems, another dental product we offer is a pH neutral, water-based gel that is non-invasive, and reduces the need for deep scaling. It breaks down biofilm and kills germs that cause bad breath. Dentists can use it before and after invasive procedures, while patients can use it regularly to promote healthy gums as PerioRenew will not acid-etch enamel like other H202 gels.

If you’re not a Life-Like dentist yet, be sure to visit our website and enter your email to win a complimentary teeth whitening kit.

Tips for Growing Your Cosmetic Dental Practice in 2019

In 2019, Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions will celebrate 29 years of providing the very best in dental whitening products. We continue to work on ways to help our company grow, and we want to help our dental practice clients grow as well. Here are a few ideas for increasing revenue in your cosmetic dental practice in 2019:

  • Rethink your fee structure: Some practices just don’t take into account the amount of overhead, administrative costs, insurance costs and marketing expenses when setting their fee structure. As you look at your rates for 2019, make sure you take all of these factors into consideration so that you can be fairly compensated for your work.
  • Help patients take full advantage of dental insurance: Many patients are surprisingly unaware of the full range of benefits they can access through their dental insurance plan. Make sure patients understand what coverage is included. Be sure to remind them to utilize all of their dental benefits before the end of the year so they won’t miss out on professional care, and you won’t miss out on potential revenue.
  • Keep the appointments coming: Most practices understand that it is best to schedule the next appointment right at the time of providing a service, but some patients don’t want to take this approach or cancel an appointment without getting it rescheduled. Make sure you are up on your appointment data for all patients and help them book and keep the appropriate number of appointments each year.
  • Improve collection practices: For some reason, some dental practices feel awkward about collecting the money that is due to them for the services that have been provided. Your practice needs to be adamant about finding ways to increase payment compliance. Provide a discount for full payment, accept credit cards, allow installments before the last appointment for multi-step procedures, and don’t be afraid to remind patients that there is a balance due.

And, of course, sell more Life-Like dental supplies! Not only can you generate more revenue for in-office teeth whitening, you can also sell our at-home whitening kits. This is a great way to make additional revenue without having to provide additional services. Our products come with the industry’s only 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

If you have before and after photos of patient results using Life-Like, you can upload them to our site to earn points for store credit on future online purchases. Make teeth whitening a part of your revenue focus for 2019 – you’ll be glad you did. It’s a smart business move for your practice, and patients will thank you for it! Here’s looking forward to brighter teeth and better profits in the coming year!

Thank You and Have a Happy Holiday Season!

Dr. Rodney Ogrin, Founder and Owner

Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions

About Life-Like:  Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions, a BBB A+-rated company, has provided quality dental products for teeth whitening since 1990. Cosmetic dental practices use Life-Like’s professional whitening kits and at-home teeth bleaching kits to deliver whiter teeth for patients. Call 800-543-3545 or visit the website at http://life-like.com to participate in the company’s “Marketing for Dentists” program at no cost. “Like” the Facebook page to receive regular updates on teeth whitener products.

A Look Back and Practice Revenue Tips for 2019