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Happy Easter from Acme Dentistry!

After a long hard winter, spring is finally busting out all over! Everyone looks forward to warm summer days, with visions of sunshine dancing in their heads. It’s time to dust off those New Year’s resolutions and start taking better care of your spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

Take some time now to reassess your health, before you get too busy with summer activities. Make appointments for your entire family to have dental check-ups. We’ll look for any signs of potential problems, custom-fit any mouthguards that may be needed for summer sports, and give your teeth a good polishing.

One other thing you might want to ask us about is tooth whitening. What better way is there to welcome the summer sun than with a nice, white smile? We offer professional in-office dental whitening and also have in-home dental whitening kits you can use to keep that smile bright for as long as possible. There are many benefits you will experience by utilizing our dental bleaching services:

  • A Brighter Smile Brightens Your Mood: Depending on the condition of your teeth when we start the teeth whitening process, you will begin to see results almost immediately, usually within three days of beginning. Most patients report that they are happy to be able to smile widely again, without having to worry about their yellow or stained teeth.
  • You’ll Feel Better About Yourself: A great smile provides an extra boost to self-esteem and self-confidence. When you’re not feeling self-conscious about your teeth, you’ll feel better about participating in work and social situations where other people might be watching everything you do.
  • It Might Be the Beginning of a Whole New You: Once your teeth are whiter, and you start feeling better about yourself, you might just find that you want to start paying attention to other areas of your health, too. Maybe you’ll want to eat less sugary, sticky foods or drink fewer sodas. You might even decide to participate in more athletic activities so your body will look as good as your smile!

Over the years, almost everyone experiences a natural buildup of organic pigments on their teeth. Coffee, tea, wine and other foods can simply darken the natural whiteness of tooth material. The use of tobacco, antibiotics, and certain minerals can sometimes speed the darkening process. Fortunately we have several ways to reverse the yellowing process.

Once we perform an in-office tooth whitening procedure, we may also supply you with an easy-to-use and effective home whitening kit. We’ll provide you with a custom-fitted plastic tray which is designed to hold the bleaching gel next to your teeth.

A dentist-supervised tooth whitening process can result in a brighter smile, while still protecting the health of your teeth. Feel free to contact our office with any questions you have about oral hygiene, teeth whitening, or cosmetic dentistry. We hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of treats, but be sure to floss and brush when you’re done eating them!