Of the two options for getting the best teeth whitening that are administered in the dentist’s office, carbamide gel offers the most reliable and predictable results at a lower price point.

Best Teeth Whitening

The system of using UV lights to break down the bleach does not afford as consistent and lasting results according to a study presented on the NPR (National Public Radio) site on April 10, 2008. The best teeth whitening system is the lower-cost system of an applied bleach for the whitening of yellow teeth. There are also home whitening kits that receive good results in whitening reviews, however, for this tooth whitening comparison only the tooth whiteners applied in office will be considered.

The two methods both use a bleach solution to do the actual work of whitening the teeth. The UV light method applies UV light to speed the drying and claims to improve results. The bleach only method simply involves mixing the bleach into bleach trays and applying the bleach solution in the whitening tray to the teeth over time to produce the desired results. In a study by the Clinical Research Associates a group of patients were bleached using UV light on only one side of their mouths. The measured results were that all of the treated teeth whitened without any difference in the UV light or bleach only side. This result leads one to believe that the best teeth whitening systems use only a bleach solution and are as effective as a UV light treated bleach system.

From a professional perspective being able to offer a lower cost to the patient while offering the best teeth whitening systems would be a desired goal. This more economical approach would increase patient satisfaction and effectively reduce the resistance to having the service performed thereby increasing the dentist’s participating patient numbers. This would more than offset the lower cost and would serve to enhance the patient’s trust and rapport with the provider.

The best teeth whitening systems are those which provide the best teeth whitening> results and are the most economical for the dentist and the patient. In office teeth whitening is best done using the systems and methods that are simplest and effective.

Conclusively, the UV light method costs more to the dental professional to start up and ultimately cost more for the patient to receive. The bleach only systems produce the same results and are less costly to both the provider and the patient. This research into the best teeth whitening systems leads the reader to conclude that the best teeth whitening system is actually the bleach only system. This is purported based on the independent studies of actual results and the measured costs of each methodology. Both systems are performed in office and give the dental professional the most opportunity to enhance their provider-patient relationship by recurring office visits and treatments. Additionally, the patient being treated in office will be more likely to develop a more trusting view of the provider of the whitening service.

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