Bleach Trays

When it comes to in office teeth whitening patients prefer the use carbamide gel without the additional use of UV light treatments. The use of bleach trays to apply a carbamide peroxide solution is as effective as the same whitening tray use with UV lights.

Studies have shown that the use of UV lights do not significantly affect the tooth whiteners ability to whiten yellow teeth. Home whitening kits likewise do not employ the UV light system. bleach trays alone are the best teeth whitening system for the patient.

In most tooth whitening comparison tables, costs are a big factor. The use of the UV light in the treatment doubles the cost in many cases as compared with the use of bleach trays only. This makes it less attainable for many patients. The reason for the high costs is the UV light that costs anywhere from $2,000.00 to $5,000.00 for a single unit.

The next reason for preference of the bleach trays alone is one of safety. Research has shown that UV light enhanced tooth whiteners are far more dangerous to the patient than bleach trays alone. The research showed that in one hour the UV light introduced over 4 times the radiation to the patient than an afternoon out in the sun. The use of bleach trays does not expose the patient to any radiation.

Lasers used in teeth whitening processes are not approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). No laser to date has been approved and shown to be safe. The ADA states only that it is cautiously optimistic about the use of lasers in dental procedures. This creates uneasiness in the patient as opposed to using bleach trays solely in the whitening process.

In whitening reviews some patients reported sensitivity to the laser light itself. This creates a negative experience for the patient during and after the procedure as well as the anticipated discomfort of future treatments. The incidence of increased tooth sensitivity is far less when using bleach trays.

Some patients experience increased gum problems and other dental complications long after having the laser whitening treatment as compared with those only using the bleach trays. This added concern should give pause to a professional dental care provider as the welfare of the patient may be compromised by the use of a UV laser.

These reasons are significant and clearly set the in office bleach tray treatment system apart as the best teeth whitening method available. The lower cost makes the service more readily available to a larger amount of patients and greatly reduces the upfront costs of treatment equipment to the dental professional. The safety factors due to radiation exposure and the fact that the ADA has not approved of the UV laser treatment should be considered when contemplating which system to offer to patients. The whitening reviews point out that the laser sometimes causes additional damage to teeth and gums making its use potentially dangerous and detrimental to the overall health of the whitening patient.

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