The 30% carbamide gel is the new standard for at home teeth whitening. The stronger concentration allows a speedier treatment for yellow teeth and it is available for use in at home whitening kits.

Carbamide Gel

It is applied to the in your own personal whitening trays or bleach trays for your at-home usage. The 30% carbamide gel of peroxide is considered the best teeth whitening system in whitening reviews. It is interesting to note that in a tooth whitening comparison the use of tooth whiteners alone produced the same results as tooth whiteners used in conjunction with expensive UV lights touted in some systems. The carbamide gel is as effective as those gels used with UV lasers without the added start-up costs to the service provider of the laser and without the added cost to the patient.

The ADA has approved the use of the carbamide gel for tooth whitening unlike the UV lasers which are not currently approved for dental use. In a study involving fourteen hundred patients using the 30% carbamide gel for at home treament, only five percent of the respondents reported any pulpal sensitivity. The 30%carbamide gel has been tested in-vivo and deemed to have no soft tissue aberrations. This makes the 30%carbamide gel safe and in accordance with the ADA protocol for safety. The same cannot be said for the UV laser. It does have FDA approval but not ADA approval. The ADA states only that it is cautiously optimistic about the use of lasers in dental applications.

The 30% carbamide gel has produced remarkable results. In the same fourteen hundred patient study multiple shade shifts were recorded in ninety-three to ninety-seven percent of all cases. These results were achieved within seven to ten days. This is an important aspect as many patients are disappointed to discover that their at-home treatments often can take weeks and even over a month to achieve the results using the lower strength concentrations. The 30% gel works faster in the office applications and also in the home kits.

The carbamide gel produces excellent, unsurpassed results and does so with a high degree of product and user safety as shown in the studies and the ADA approval for safety. The additional cost savings over the use of UV lasers makes it a highly desirable product. The patented twist and seal syringe delivery system of the Life-Like product makes it a snap to use. One professional says, “The Seal-Syringe is an exceptional delivery system. It simplifies the process for the patient. I have used the product myself, and it is the only home bleaching product I offer in my practice.”

Life-Like offers a complete line of products for in office teeth whitening and home whitening kits in varying strengths and all using the patented twist and seal syringe. Their company has over fifteen years of product research and development. They offer the professional an extensive line of media materials to aid in marketing the service.

About The Author:  Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions provides high quality tooth bleaching products for dental professionals.  Thousands of dental professionals all over the world rely on Life-Like for their patients teeth whitening solutions.   Life-Like’s mission is to provide dentists with the most practical and effective bleaching materials available.