“The original tooth whitening specialists often recommends articles in top dental magazines…”

Since Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions began providing teeth whitening solutions in 1990, the company has become a worldwide provider of dental whitening supplies and products. Cosmetic dentists use Life-Like’s professional whitening kits in their offices to help patients achieve great smiles. Patients also take advantage of the company’s teeth bleaching kits for at-home use to help keep teeth looking their best.

Dentists have provided teeth bleaching services for nearly a century, but the practice has increased in popularity in recent years as yellowed teeth are becoming less and less acceptable, both socially and professionally. Procedures have been simplified and shown to be safe. To help patients keep up-to-date Life-Like provides a listing of dental professionals who use its dental whitening solutions and also answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about teeth whitening.

To help cosmetic dentists keep up with ongoing advances in the field of dentistry, Life-Like often refers them to articles in top dental magazines. These magazines provide in-depth information on the latest dental products and dental supplies. In an effort to ensure dental professional have access to the most recent industry information Life-Like reviewed several top dental magazines. The tooth whitening specialists wanted to make sure that any dental magazine it recommends can serve as a valuable resource and has the latest dental industry information.

The final selections were chosen based on each magazine’s reputation in the dental industry, quality of information provided, and ability to provide useful dental information. These dental magazines are dedicated to providing cosmetic dentists with solutions that will help patients look their best.

After a thorough review process, Life-Like chose the following dental magazines as their top three favorites: Dentistry Today, Dental Economics, and RDH Magazine. Dental professionals who are looking for quality industry resources on the topics of teeth whitening and teeth bleaching should consider subscribing to the following dental magazines.

Dentistry Today – Top Dental Magazines

Dentistry Today - Top 3 Dental Magazines Recommended by Life-Like Cosmetic SolutionsDentistry Today features professional, clinical and the latest news from the world of dentistry. Readers can find a wealth of product information including top products, product reviews and a manufacturer index. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 973-882-4700 for more information.

Dental Economics – Top Dental Magazines

Dental Economics - Top 3 Dental Magazines Recommended by Life-Like Cosmetic SolutionsDental Economics features articles that cover the business side of running a successful dental practice. The nation’s best columnists contribute articles every month to help dental professionals run their business more smoothly and efficiently. Topics covered include dental products, practice management, continuing education, and front office management. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 800-331-4463 for more information.

RDH Magazine – Top Dental Magazines

RDH Magazine - Top 3 Dental Magazines Recommended by Life-Like Cosmetic SolutionsRDH Magazine provides information that helps Registered Dental Hygienists increase their skills in their chosen career field. Topic centers include dental products, dental hygiene information, and a buyer’s guide. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 800-331-4463 for more information.

Finding top dental magazines can be a challenge.

Life-Like’s mission is to provide dentists and patients alike with the most practical and effective bleaching materials available. To help cosmetic dentists continue to provide patients with the best possible smile the company also endeavors to provide updated industry information. Since many dental professionals are busy providing patient care and looking after administrative details, they may have difficulty finding sufficient time to locate top dental magazines. This review aims to save cosmetic dentists who use Life-Like professional whitening kits the effort of researching top dental magazines. We hope this information helps you find useful industry resources.


About Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions in Santa Barbara, CA provides quality teeth bleaching kits for at-home use as well as professional tooth bleaching products for cosmetic dentists. Thousands of dental professionals all over the world rely on Life-Like for support of their teeth whitener services. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 800-543-3545 for more information.