There are basically two choices for the patient and the dentist when deciding on the use of an in office teeth whitening treatment or in home whitening kits.

In Office Teeth Whitening

The in home method may seem the easy way to answer the patient’s need but it overlooks two important aspects of dental care; patient trust and dependence and the dentist-The best alternative to in office teeth whitening with lights is the in office whitening method using professionally mixed carbamide gel. The whitening reviews point to in office whitening by a professional dentist as the best teeth whitening program as compared to home whitening kits. As a dentist this is a better business option providing another opportunity to enhance the life of a patient with yellow teeth due to staining and neglect. The multiple visits bring the patient to the office more often and allow the dentist the opportunity to build a strong working relationship with the patient as well as developing a trust for the dentist as compared to simply recommending home whitening kits and bypassing a good opportunity for services.patient relationship. Developing the dentist-patient relationship is greatly enhanced by the perceived value of added services. This begins to implant the idea of the dentist as the “go-to” professional for all dental needs. It also aids in establishing the dentist as a trusted source for all oral services including teeth whitening systems and treatments.

Tooth whiteners vary and Life-Like has the best teeth whitening system due to its quality and simplicity of application. The “twist and seal” patented syringe makes preparing the gel solution and adding it to the bleach trays quick and easy. This step by step approach may be viewed on Life-Like’s website. The carbamide gel is simply added to the whitening tray and then applied following a straight-forward and easy step by step procedure outlined for the product. Dentists prefer the simplicity and affordability of the Life-Like in office teeth whitening system and many use this system exclusively. This loyalty reflects the mission statement of Life-Like, “…to provide you with the most practical and effective bleaching materials available.” The results of an in office whitening session are always superior when doing a tooth whitening comparison between in office whitening systems and home applied systems.

In conclusion, the simplicity use application, the effectiveness of the product with consistent results, and the patient satisfaction are three factors to consider with regard to in office whitening. Life-Like offers very detailed and easy to follow instructions to the professional provider to maintain success and consistency. The in office whitening product itself is unsurpassed in quality and performance. The Life-Like company offers great support in on-site marketing materials for the professional office to aid in touting the product and the advantages of an in office whitening procedure instead of home whitening kits. Finally, the in office whitening application and the follow-up visits will help both to build the professional practice, but will also give ample opportunity to gain patient trust and a healthy dentist-patient relationship.

About The Author:  Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions provides high quality tooth bleaching products for dental professionals.  Thousands of dental professionals all over the world rely on Life-Like for their patients teeth whitening solutions.  Life-Like’s mission is to provide dentists with the most practical and effective bleaching materials available.