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The dental care industry is changing. With the pressure to reduce prices, provider’s bottom lines are being squeezed. But most of your costs are fixed and you do not want to reduce the benefits that you provide to your patients. They still need your time and attention.

One way to improve the bottom line is by adding high value services to your standard list of procedures. For dentists, one of the most popular is teeth whitening. It is a simple procedure that you can sell to your current patients and use as a draw to bring in new patients.

Remember these three things to make teeth whitening an integral part of your dental business.

1. Teeth whitening is a “gateway procedure”

While your teeth whitening patients are in your chair give their teeth a quick look. Getting in their mouth to give them that dazzling white smile gives you the opportunity to look for real problems. This gives you the opportunity to catch problems before they become critical, which saves the patient a lot of pain and money later on.

2. Remind them that white teeth require maintenance

Nothing lasts forever and teeth require periodic re-whitening to maintain their brilliance. You will not only be able to sell more whitening procedures but you also have more opportunities to bring patients back for other procedures.

3. Always Follow Up

This is marketing 101. It does no good to bring somebody into your office for teeth whitening if you are not going to follow up with them. If they do not make an appointment for a regular visit right away then have your staff call them up a few days later. Ask them how their teeth feel and if they are happy with the procedure. Remind them that your office is open. If you have open appointments coming up then offer them times right there on the phone. Ask them what times are best for them and look it up on the spot. You will book more clients this way and have fewer open time slots. And all you will be doing is marketing to people who are ready know you. Utilize these 3 tips listed above and you won’t have to worry about your bottom line for much longer.

Q: How do I convince my patients that teeth whitening is safe?

A: Over a decade of research has been performed on teeth whitening techniques and products but sometimes it can still be hard to convince the skeptical consumer that the procedure is safe. It sounds too good to be true! Have pamphlets in your office. They should be displayed prominently in the waiting room so that people can read them while they wait for their appointment. And don’t forget to have a stack in each of the cleaning rooms. Mention your teeth whitening services to them while they are sitting in your chair. If they seem interested, hand them a pamphlet.

Q: How do I advertise my teeth whitening services to new patients?

A: The same way you advertise any of your services to new patients. Send flyers in the mail to your local community. Send your current patients a simple postcard letting them know about your new teeth whitening services. Perhaps you can offer a discount for people who refer a friend. Make sure that your teeth whitening services are displayed prominently on your website, as this is another good way to convince people that teeth whitening is safe.

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It is the goal of Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions to ensure that people have beautiful smiles that they are proud of. Thousands of dentists around the world rely on our teeth whitening services, and we love building on that number. To learn more about Life-Like, be sure to follow us on Twitter: @lifeliketeeth or find out more at

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About Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions®: Life-Like is the original teeth whitening specialists, provides practical and effective tooth bleaching products for dental professionals as well as teeth bleaching kits for at-home use. Since its founding in 1990, thousands of dental professionals from around the world have come to rely on Life-Like for support of their teeth whitener services. Dental professionals can purchase professional whitening kits from a wholesaler or an exclusive source, such as the Life-Like website. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 800-543-3545 for more information about boosting confidence with whiter teeth.