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Dear readers,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We wish you well this day. We hope you celebrate it with a happy heart.

And speaking of a happy heart, did you know that some foods are good for both your teeth and heart? After conducting a 15-year study about the link between food, teeth, and the heart, the team from Harvard Medical School can verify this. 

So why not care for your dental health and make your heart even happier this Valentine’s Day? Start by finding out three delights worth treating yourself with and three delights that you need to stay away from.

The good

  1. Apples. They contain antioxidants and soluble fiber that get your heart going. But more than that, apples are crunchy. When your teeth interact with an apple’s skin, it’s like you’re getting your teeth brushed and scrubbed. Plus, they come with a fibrous content that helps cleanse your teeth and fight bad breath.
  2. Kale. Kale is one of the famous “leafy greens”. As an amazing veggie, it lowers your risk of heart disease. Other than containing high amounts of fiber, kale is loaded with B vitamins and calcium. The result? Strong teeth and a lower risk of developing gingivitis.
  3. Mac with lots of cheese. Granted you don’t sprinkle loads of artificial flavorings on it, eating mac and cheese is good for you. That’s because cheese is high in calcium. And did you know it stops acid from wreaking havoc on your enamel, too? It does and it’s all because it contains a protein called casein.

The bad

  1. Crackers. Crackers are starchy, which means they’re created from white flour and sugar. Not good for your heart, at all. And if they stay in your mouth for hours, the bits and pieces in these crackers can break down into simple sugars and cause tooth decay.
  2. Pickles. Some pickles come with a high sodium content, which means eating too much of it can lead to a heart attack. Pickles also contain acid. And all pickled foods contain vinegar, which has drummed up acid content. As a result, they can wear down your enamel and weaken your teeth. 
  3. Hard candies. Candies are sweets and it’s no secret that they’re bad for your heart and teeth. And the hard ones can even take the damage to a higher level. If you keep munching on them, they can cause microscopic cracks that will weaken your teeth.

Don’t forget, if you take good care of your teeth, you’re also doing the same for your heart. So be mindful of your dental health.

And if you want to take dental care up a notch, you may consider signing up for a teeth whitening treatment. If you don’t want an in-office whitening treatment, you can buy an at-home teeth whitening kit.

Kind regards,




Social media updates for Valentine’s Day 2020

Life-Like Dentists: use this content in your social media posts to help patients become aware of the benefits of teeth whitening. Remind patients to whiten their teeth!

  • Did you know poor dental health leads to an increased risk of coronary heart disease? So this Valentine’s Day, make your heart smile by caring for your dental health.
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with white teeth, fresh breath, and an amazing smile!
  • A box of chocolate is a common gift for someone special this Valentine’s Day. So go ahead and give your loved ones chocolate, too. And be sure to remind them to brush their teeth right after enjoying the sweet delight! 
  • Want to make a gesture for someone special this Valentine’s Day? Well then, start by reminding them to take good care of their oral health. This advice isn’t new, but it still needs to be shared out there. 
  • Be caring this Valentine’s Day. Along with a bouquet of flowers, attach a note when you send a gift to your loved ones. And in this note, remind them to care for their dental health.
  • Valentine’s Day is a day when you can let your loved ones know how special they are. As a small act of love, why not ask them about their dental health and offer to help if needed?
  • Valentine’s Day is here. A simple way to make your loved ones smile is by smiling at them, too. Smiles, after all, brighten a person’s day. And they are very contagious. Especially if that smile of yours comes together with white teeth and fresh breath, you’ll win them over.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Awareness month, too? So we, at <<OFFICE NAME>>, hope you celebrate it by checking out how the young ones are doing.   
  • Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to be someone’s knight in shining armor. And of course, let that armor be your white teeth.
  • Be thoughtful this Valentine’s Day. remind your loved ones to replace their toothbrushes every couple of months or so.
  • Give your loved ones an amazing treat this Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s not the usual chocolate, flowers, and sweet notes. But it gets better. Offer to go with them to get their dental health checked.
  • It’s Valentine’s Day. Receiving sweets as gifts during this time of the year is not rare.  After enjoying them, remember to brush, floss, and rinse!
  • <<OFFICE NAME>> wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day. As you treat your loved ones to something amazing, don’t forget to remind them to care for their dental health, too.
  • This Valentine’s Day, join us as we put an end to the rumor about teeth whitening being a harmful procedure. It’s not especially if a dental professional is there to supervise. You may ask your dentist about it. 
  • Fun fact this Valentine’s Day: Using an at-home teeth whitening kit is best done just before you hit the sack. During bed time, you’ll be fast asleep, which means you won’t be consuming food-staining foods and drinks.