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– The Life-Like Staff


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Acme Dentistry! Are you ready to party? It is almost time to gather with friends and family and break out the shamrocks to celebrate another year of good luck.

One of the most popular activities this weekend will be drinking alcohol. This makes for fun times and memories, but did you know alcohol can cause serious damage to your dental health? Read on to learn tips for preserving your smile while enjoying yourself. We will even bust a few myths about drinking that may be harmful to your smile.

  • Get your teeth professionally cleaned. Just after a cleaning is the best time to drink, if there is such a thing. Cleaning the teeth makes them smoother and removes buildup. This makes it harder for stains to find a foothold. If you plan on drinking for any holiday or occasion, it is a good idea to be proactive and set up a cleaning just prior to your event.
  • Drink water. If you drink sips of water in between drinks, it will help wash away some of the sugars and restore pH balance in your mouth. You can swish the water around to spread the good effects. Sugar free gum can also help minimize damage and create more saliva, which acts as a natural lubricant and washing agent.
  • Is white wine safer? No. White wine may not stain teeth like red wine, but there are still risks. White wine can upset the pH balance inside your mouth. This adds to erosion of the enamel. When your enamel is eroded, your teeth are more vulnerable to stains from other food and drinks. A lack of enamel can even contribute to softening of the teeth. To avoid this problem, remember that white wine–all wines, in fact–is best enjoyed in moderation.
  • What about cocktails? Everyone wants to try a shamrock-tini or green-mosa during this time of the year. The holidays bring out our adventurous side. But beware–the sugar in cocktails can do major damage to your teeth. Many cocktails are made with fruit juices that contain both sugar and carbs. Carbs are bad for your teeth for the same reason sugar is. They both attract bacteria that feeds on them. This bacteria becomes plaque on your teeth. So in addition to staining, cocktails and mixed drinks can promote the growth of plaque on your teeth. As with other drinks, try enjoying cocktails in moderation as you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Rinse and lubricate your mouth with water and sugar free gum. Consider a teeth cleaning before your drinking event, and of course, brush and floss your teeth thoroughly after the party ends. With a little awareness and daily habits of keeping your teeth clean, you can have a smile that will last years to come.

Speaking of clean teeth, don’t forget to inquire about our teeth whitening service. Teeth whitening can remove stains and restore the shine to your teeth.  Our practice utilizes dental whitening products from Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions, the original teeth whitening system.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and remember to smile! It’s contagious.