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Happy Mother’s Day from Acme Dentistry!

We all love our moms, and to show our appreciation we are always looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea. If you enjoy just seeing your mom smile, but she doesn’t do it enough because she’s embarrassed by stained or yellow teeth, what could be better than giving her the gift of a beautiful smile this year? Contact our office and surprise your mom with an appointment for a professional teeth whitening session with our cosmetic dentist.

Our dentist will take the time to talk to your mom, find out what is bothering her about her smile, and then perform a thorough examination to determine if she is a good candidate for teeth whitening. The process for our in-office dental whitening is simple and painless. Depending on the condition of her teeth at the start of our treatment, Mom should be seeing whiter teeth restored in as little as three days. It won’t be long before she’s brightening up the room again every time she flashes that brilliant smile.

Dentist-supervised teeth whitening has been done for nearly a century, but has increased in popularity in recent years as yellowed teeth are becoming less and less acceptable, both socially and professionally. Procedures have been greatly simplified and are shown to be safe. We use tooth bleaching solutions from Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions, the original tooth whitening specialists. They have provided professional teeth whitening supplies since 1990, and offer a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about the results.

The whitening process we use does not affect the enamel, tooth structure, bonding or restorations. Whitening acts only on the molecules that carry the discoloration. Without any underlying gum problems, most patients report very little sensitivity to the treatment. Our practice can also supply your mother with an in-home teeth whitening kit that will extend the results even longer. We’ll custom mold a tray in our office and provide an easy-to-dispense pH-balanced tooth whitening gel. Many patients save time by combining a treatment with their morning shower – they get clean and shiny in two ways at once! We’ll advise mom to refrain from eating, drinking or smoking for thirty minutes after using the gel, and to also avoid any type of citrus.

You might be surprised at the changes you see in your mom once her teeth are sparkling white again. In addition to the gift of a great smile, you’ll also be giving her a brighter mood, increased self-confidence, and a better outlook on life. She definitely deserves it, and isn’t a happy mom the best gift of all?

A dentist-supervised tooth whitening process will result in a brighter smile for mom, while still protecting the overall health of her teeth. Feel free to contact our office with any questions you have about oral hygiene, teeth whitening, or cosmetic dentistry. We hope you think about discussing the benefits of teeth whitening with your mom, and wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!