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Dear Readers,

Acme Dentistry would like to take a moment to honor all the fallen soldiers this Memorial Day. We owe so much to the brave men and women who fought to keep our country safe. As families all across the country gather this Memorial Day, we must never forget the price that was paid for us to enjoy these wonderful freedoms.

Many of our customers are current and former military personnel, and we at Acme Dentistry know how to take care of those who take care of us. Many don’t know but dentistry has a long history within the US Military. Here’s some interesting facts about the US Army Dental Corps to share with your friends and family this Memorial Day.

  • Pearly Whites: Historically soldiers were required to have enough teeth in their mouth to be able to bite off the end of a cartridge, so that the bullet and gunpowder could be loaded into the musket.
  • Good Dental Habits: Between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, soldiers were responsible for all dental care, and the army did not provide any dentists.
  • Foreign Lands: It wasn’t until the Spanish-American War when soldiers began fighting on foreign soil that the US Army recognized the need for dentists within the army.
  • The Beginning: It was in 1872 that the US Army first instituted a dental program within its ranks, mandating hospital stewards perform dental services as part of their standard practice.
  • The Great War: During WWI the number of dentists on active duty went from 86 officers in April 1917 to 4,620 officers by November of that year.
  • The Frontlines: Once the US was heavily involved in WWI, the army began training dentist in France as means for rapid deployment to the frontlines.
  • The Second War: By 1944 the US Army had a peak of 15,292 dentist personnel within its ranks.
  • Becoming Permanent: Finally in October of 1994, the US Army established the U.S. Army Dental Command, ushering in a new era of dentistry in the Armed Forces.

As you can see, keeping good oral hygiene is not only important for you, but it is also important for the brave men and women who protect this country. Take a lesson from our soldiers, and care for your teeth by making an appointment with us today.

This Memorial Day be thankful that some of the best dentists are only a short call away. Set up an appointment with us, and be sure you’ll be happy, healthy, and ready to take on anything. Acme Dentistry would like to say thank you to all of those who serve our country proudly, and we hope to get the opportunity to serve you back. Give us a call today and let us say “thank you” in person.