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Happy Thanksgiving from Acme Dentistry

Happy Thanksgiving from the dental professionals at Acme Dentistry! With all the holidays coming up soon, there are sure to be plenty of photo opportunities with family and friends. Here are a few Thanksgiving dental care tips to keep your teeth looking their best:

  • Watch the sticky stuff: Yes, the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes, the pecan pie, and the icing on the rolls are all delicious, but these treats can stick to your teeth longer and give bacteria a nice place to call home. If you are eating these items, wait about thirty minutes after the big meal and then floss and brush, or at least rinse your mouth with water.
  • Balance your food intake: Don’t load up on just the carbs. Make sure your plate has some protein, veggies and fruit to keep those sugars from building up in your mouth.
  • Remember that your teeth are not a tool: After Thanksgiving we sometimes get calls from patients who have broken a tooth by trying to crack a nut, or who bit down on something that was way too hard. Your teeth are delicate and hard to replace, so let the nutcracker and other tools do the job for you.
  • Limit the snacking: Don’t just sit there eating snacks and watching football; get outside and play a game – just make sure to wear mouthguards if it’s a tackle game! In addition to the main meal, we tend to participate in “grazing” on Thanksgiving. We taste, snack, sample, and have “just a bite.” You may not think anything of it, but those extra acids can damage your teeth. Keep yourself busy in other ways and wait until dinner to eat, but if you must snack make sure to drink plenty of water, too.
  • Watch the kids: You might have managed to get your children and their teeth safely through Halloween, but keep up your vigilance when it comes to Thanksgiving as well. There are so many sweet temptations, and you don’t want them to slip into bad habits when they are still young.

Set up the holiday dental care appointments for your children now, and give yourself the gift of white teeth, too. Make an appointment for a professional teeth whitening session and we’ll help you get a nice, white smile for all those holiday photos and selfies. Our practice utilizes dental whitening products from Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions to help get your teeth their very whitest. We offer in-office professional teeth whitening, and send you home with an in-home whitening kit to complement our work and extend the benefits even longer. You’ll be surprised at how quickly Life-Like’s teeth whitening products can brighten your teeth and restore your smile.

Contact our dental office with any questions you have about Thanksgiving and dental care, diet, cosmetic dentistry, oral hygiene, or dental teeth whitening. We hope you consider discussing the benefits of teeth whitening with our dental professional, and wish your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!