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Halloween Doesn’t Have to Be Scary for Your Children’s Teeth

Happy Halloween from the dental professionals at Acme Dentistry! This is a fun and scary time of year that is filled with ghosts, goblins, hayrides and haunted houses…but, what about that trick-or-treating! Small children gleefully run around collecting sugar-laden treats. Here are a few tips to help make sure that Halloween isn’t scary for your children’s teeth:

  • Timing is everything: Your children should not have unfettered access to the Halloween candy they have collected. Try to keep it out of sight, and dole it out in manageable amounts. It is often best to do this after meals because they will still have a lot of saliva in their mouths which can help to clear away some of the food particles.
  • Be choosy: Sticky candy can adhere to the teeth and hard candies stay in the mouth longer, causing more damage. Chocolate actually dissolves faster and spends less time doing damage to the teeth.
  • No sugary drinks: Many parents make things worse by letting their children have sugary drinks in combination with their candy haul, increasing the opportunity for dental damage. Steer your children away from these options and towards more water. Try to have your children rinse their mouths out after a candy-eating session.
  • Chew better gum: Check out any gum your children receive in their trick-or-treat bags. If it doesn’t have the ADA Seal, don’t let them chew it. If it is a sugarless gum with the ADA seal, let them chew it for about 20 minutes after eating to help keep up the flow of saliva.
  • Keep up the oral hygiene: It is especially important at this time of year to make sure your children are brushing and flossing properly and frequently. The best offense in the battle to fight tooth decay is regular attention to oral hygiene. Let your child pick out a fun new toothbrush as an extra Halloween treat. Above all, make sure you set up appointments for regular exams and cleanings at our dental office. We’ll examine your child’s teeth and help teach proper oral hygiene.

For adults, nothing is scarier than yellow or damaged teeth. Not only do they make you feel bad mentally, they can also make you feel bad physically if you let dental problems go too long. Set up your appointment when you bring your children in, and ask about options such as teeth whitening. Our practice utilizes dental whitening products from Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions. We offer in-office professional teeth whitening, and send you home with an in-home whitening kit to complement our work and extend the benefits even longer. Life-Like’s teeth whitening products come with the industry’s only 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Contact our dental office with any questions you have about Halloween and your children’s teeth, diet, cosmetic dentistry, oral hygiene, or dental teeth whitening. We hope you will consider discussing the benefits of teeth whitening with our dental professional, and wish your family a very Happy Halloween!