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Dear patients,

Halloween is when you pretend to walk in the shoes of your favorite character from movies, TV, and books. So if no one noticed your discolored teeth during that day, making a big deal about it is not a good call. 

Come on. It’s Halloween. It’s a time when people dress up, party, and have fun to their hearts’ content.

But if you come out of your home days after that event, don’t be creeped out if someone — or everyone — notices. Then if you’re on the receiving end of the advice to see a dentist that offers teeth whitening solutions, consider taking it

And aside from listening to some words of wisdom, what else can you do to keep your teeth stain-free? Here are three things you can use:


  • Whitening toothpaste. Want a glowing after-brushing effect? Well, a whitening toothpaste takes you there. Before, a dental product of such kind was off-limits. But that was when abrasives that could erode your teeth’s enamel entered the picture. Lucky you, those days are over. 
  • Straws. Coffee, tea, and sodas are good. But in your quest to keep your teeth stain-free, they are not. If you insist on having these beverages, though, that’s fine. Just use a straw so they won’t pass through your teeth.
  • Teeth bleaching kits. An effective teeth bleaching process begins as soon as cosmetic dentists fit you with mouthguard-like trays. Then you fill them with bleach and wear them for a couple of hours every day. Sounds simple, yes. And the process is awesome!


You should also consider going electric. Especially if you’re not the type of person who brushes his teeth after every meal, then what you need to do is obvious

You’ve got that right, electric toothbrushes are in. Versus manual toothbrushes, they clean your teeth more often. 

Kapeesh? Kapeesh!

Now go and enjoy what remains of Halloween!

Looking out for you,

Your dentists