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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions. We are proud to offer professional products for teeth whitening, including at home whitening systems, professional in-office solutions and systems, and professional marketing materials for your dental practice.

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This Saint Patrick’s Day, remind your clients that candy and sugary foods are one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Many people celebrate this holiday with cakes and other sweet treats. Drinking is another popular St. Patty’s activity. While most of your clients know about the effects of candy and sugar on their teeth, they may not know that alcohol also poses dental risks.

Chronic alcohol abusers have higher levels of plaque on their teeth. This is because the sugars in alcohol mix and bond with the bacteria that cause plaque. The reaction creates acids which eat away at the enamel of the tooth. Excessive drinking can also damage the gums and tissues around the teeth.

Moderate drinkers are at risk, too. Be sure to educate all your patients on the ways alcohol can affect the teeth and their overall dental health.

  • Staining. Red wines are especially harmful. The barley in beer can also stain teeth. MIxing liquor drinks with dark soda creates the sugary acids that cause plaque and can contribute to tooth loss. The products offered by Life Like Solutions can reverse and remove stains from teeth caused by drinking wine, beer, or mixed drinks.
  • Dryness. To your patients, it may not seem like much, but a dry mouth means a lack of saliva. Saliva helps keep the teeth lubricated and protects against plaque. Drinking can affect this natural barrier and lead to tooth decay.
  • Acids and ice. Many people chew ice when they drink alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks. This can cause teeth to break, even if drinkers are careful how they chew. Also, adding citrus fruits, like lemons, to mixed drinks causes problems from the citric acid.

Regular brushing and flossing, avoiding sugary foods and drinks, and avoiding foods or drinks with high acid content are still the best ways to prevent yellowing of teeth, plaque formation, and gum and tissue damage. Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions offers a way to remove stains, undo some of the damage already done, and give patients a bright smile they can share with the world. In addition to teeth whitening solutions, we also offer marketing solutions for your business.

Q&A Hot Sheet: Marketing and Education for your Patients

Q1: How can Life-Like help advertise teeth whitening services for my dental practice?

A1: There are many ways! One way is with our marketing kit. It contains 2 frameable prints, 2 table tents, and 50 patient brochures. These are several of our best products combined in one package. You can also use our branded carrying bags to secure all your teeth whitening supplies in one place, with the Life-Like logo. We offer these for at-home use, too, so patients will be reminded of you and your commitment to the best teeth whitening products every time they perform their at-home teeth whitening.

Q2: How can I educate my patients using your products?

A2: One way is with statement stuffers that you can include with each statement. Marketing is simply a matter of informing your patients and presenting them with enough information to come to the decision on their own. Our statement stuffers are compact, visually pleasing, and do not “push” the patient.   On your next billing cycle, include one with each statement and watch the inquiries multiply! Each stuffer directs the patient to either speak to one of your staff members, or come in and pick up a free brochure. In either case, it is an invitation to your patients to examine the options your practice makes available.  You can also increase inquiries and grab your patient’s interest with our patient brochures, branded instruction kits, and framed prints to beautify your office. We offer a range of marketing and educational resources to help you help your patients.

Q3: Can Life-Like help with ongoing marketing?

Yes, we can! We offer print and electronic marketing materials. We write your newsletters and blog content for you, so you can focus on taking care of your patients and running your business. Today’s digital consumers are turning to online resources for all their product and medical information. With our innovative stock dental content, your website can be the one prospective patients are looking for.

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