Perhaps the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure today is teeth whitening. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry indicates that most people believe a brighter smile leads to a happier, more successful life. Modern Americans spend over $11 billion per year on tooth whitening because they are convinced of the benefits of a great smile. But this is not a recent phenomenon. People have searched for ways to make their teeth whiter for thousands of years.

There have been some strange methods of teeth bleaching in the past. While the results may have been satisfactory for the times, current methods of dental whitening are far safer and more effective. Here are just a few of the ways people have gone about the business of whitening their teeth:

  • The Seattle Times reported that evidence of people trying to scrape food particles from their teeth dates back to about 3000 B.C. In those days they would use a chew stick or small twig, much the same way some people use toothpicks today.
  • About 4,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians saw whiter teeth as a sign of wealth and beauty. They used their chewing sticks to apply a whitening paste that consisted of ground pumice stone in wine vinegar.
  • The Romans actually used a mixture of goat milk and stale urine to try to keep their teeth white. The urine’s ammonia served as a bleaching agent.
  • During the medieval times, it was thought that worms caused tooth decay. A French surgeon by the name of Guy de Chauliac recommending adding vinegar to a mixture of burnt salt and honey, and using that to clean the teeth.
  • During the 1600s, people came to rely on barbers, strangely enough, for the care of their teeth, as well as their hair. The barber would actually file down the customer’s teeth and apply nitric acid in order to whiten them. This would, unfortunately, eventually lead to the erosion of tooth enamel and decay.
  • Finally, by the late 1800s, substances such as oxalic acid, calcium hypochlorite, and peroxide were being used as bleaching agents.

Dental whitening today remains one of the single most economical ways to enhance a patient’s smile. Since 1990, Life-Like has supplied cosmetic dentists with safe and effective professional whitening kits to help patients achieve the smiles they want. Dental products from Life-Like can help respond to the demand for whiter teeth while serving to increase practice revenue. Call 800-543-3545 to learn about the modern-day original teeth whitening system from Life-Like.

Dr. Rodney Ogrin, Founder and Owner

Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions

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