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Dear Friends,

We would like to wish you a Happy Father’s Day from all of us at the <insert dental office name>.  Still looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day?  Why not get dad the gift of whiter teeth?

Best Gel Based Teeth Whitening System

Our dentistry office at <insert dental company> are always looking for the best products to offer to our clients. We believe that great service goes two ways – we want to provide the best services possible to make sure that clients are happy. However, this can sometimes be a little difficult. As dentists, we rely on the producers of dental products to provide us with the best materials available. Without the best materials, we can’t give you the best service.

During our search for the best products, we took steps to find the best possible product in each area of dentistry. We know that one important dental treatment for patients is professional teeth whitening. When it comes to professional teeth whitening and teeth bleaching, we look for a number of qualities. First off, we want to make sure that the product we get for you is going to be safe. There are problems that can arise with teeth bleaching if it is done incorrectly or if the product isn’t a high enough quality.

We also look at the effectiveness of the product. There’s no point in giving patients a teeth whitening procedure if it isn’t going to work. We wanted to find a product that was both quick to begin working and would keep teeth white for a long time.

One company we looked at for professional whitening kits was Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions, a dental company that has been providing professional whitening kits for over 25 years. After reviewing their products, we found that they not only met our standards for dental products, but they also offered additional benefits that we thought would go a long way for the patient.

When we give you professional teeth bleaching, we want you to know that you are getting the best possible teeth bleaching. We want you to feel secure with your decision to pick us to perform your teeth whitening, so we’ve compiled some reasons why we chose Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions as our preferred partner for teeth bleaching.

Life-Like: Why Their Product Works

Life-Like is certainly no newcomer when it comes to teeth whitening. They use a gel based bleaching system much like other major teeth whitening companies. While the idea of a bleach “gel” may be concerning, it has been proven to be both effective and safe. Many professional teeth whitening companies opt to use bleaching gel. However, the way that Life-Like approaches teeth bleaching was different for a few reasons.

As mentioned before, <insert dental office name> is concerned about the safety of all products we purchase. Teeth bleaching can have some side effects that can be a pain for the patient. While this is not common for most teeth whitening products, it can always be a possibility. For example, if bleaching products are introduced to the gums it can cause some discomfort.

With Life-Like, this problem is less likely to occur than with other major bleaching products. They use a special cast system for each patients’ teeth so there is a much smaller chance of bleaching products getting on the patients gums. This immediately makes their product safer than a number of other gel based products.

Also, Life-Like uses fresher gelling ingredients than other companies. For proper bleaching, it is important that fresh products are used. The less fresh bleaching gels are, the less effective they are going to be. By ensuring fresh products, they can also ensure that their product is going to work equally effectively each time.

The second thing we liked about Life-Like was their effectiveness across the board. Their product works, but it works longer than a lot of other products do. This is important because if bleaching is used too frequently it can begin to damage teeth. The less professional bleaching necessary, the better – it is safer for your teeth and kinder to your wallet.

Not only did their product work well, but they offered a variety of products that other companies didn’t. We thought that one of their greatest qualities were their at-home bleaching kits. They offer the standard in-office bleaching kits that most patients expect. We are glad to offer our services to our patients in office, but we understand that some patients will feel more comfortable outside of the dentist office.

With Life-Like’s at-home kits, patients are able to get the same high-quality bleaching while in the comfort of their home. As with their other products, the gels are fresh and the molds are designed to fit the patient’s teeth. The best part about them is that patients won’t have to sit in the office while getting their teeth whitened.

In many ways, Life-Like was the best option for professional whitening kits. You should feel confident when you decide to get your teeth whitened by a professional, and we believe that their product is going to give you the most thorough and effective bleaching.

Why We Choose Life-Like

Nothing is more important to us at <insert dental office name> than you, the patient. We want to give you the highest quality products we can find so you can be happy with your smile.

When it comes to teeth whitening there are a number of options you can choose from. Of course, getting over the counter products is going to be cheaper than professional whitening kits. However, they aren’t nearly as effective.

If safety is your main concern with teeth whitening, you can relax. Teeth bleaching will not ruin the structural integrity of your teeth, and the products used by professional are proven to not cause damage.

If you have any concern about the effects of professional teeth whitening, consider looking at Life-Like’s information page for patients. They give an excellent overview of the why teeth bleaching is effective, and it should shed some light on the entire process. If you have thought about getting your teeth whitened, the page could answer some questions.

For professional teeth bleaching, we recommend Life-Like. We trust their product as professionals, and they have a proven history of success.