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You’ll Love Valentine’s Day More with Teeth Whitening from Acme Dentistry!

With February around the corner, our minds can turn to Valentine’s Day and thoughts of love. We spend time dreaming up romantic date ideas. Whether it’s the first date of young love, thousandth date of a happily married couple, or if you’re planning on proposing at this special time of year, you want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. That’s why you should take a moment to look in the mirror before you get too mired in the details of your date.

What kind of an impression will you make on your partner? Check your skin, hair, and eyes, but most of all take a look at your teeth. Can you smile with confidence, or do your have to cover your mouth because you’re embarrassed? Confidence goes a long way towards projecting the right image, and you can’t be completely confident if your teeth are yellow, dingy, or stained.

Are white teeth really all that important, or can you overcome that negative with your sparkling personality? Surveys have shown that the first thing the majority of people notice upon meeting someone new is their smile. A bright smile projects happiness, confidence, friendliness, openness, and good health. Spend all the money you want on great clothing and a spiffy hair-do, but it can all be overshadowed by yellow teeth.

Let us help you get the smile you deserve. Our dentist can straighten crooked teeth, replace missing teeth, and help whiten your teeth as well. Our practice utilizes dental whitening products from Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions, the original teeth whitening system. We offer in-office professional teeth whitening, and send you home with an in-home whitening kit to extend the benefits even longer.

Once you’re on that big date, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Oral Hygiene First: Leave yourself some time to brush, floss and rinse before going out the door. Your date will appreciate your fresh breath, and you might even get a kiss for your efforts!
  • Think About It: Your date might say that it’s okay to smoke, but do you really want to have that smell on your breath when you kiss? Smoking also leaves unsightly stains on your teeth, which can be very unappealing. Watch the amount of red wine you drink, and try to unobtrusively rinse your mouth after dinner to get rid of any unsightly food particles.
  • Choose Chocolates Carefully: Yes, chocolate is a great Valentine’s gift, but try to be careful about buying or eating those sticky, gooey kinds. They may taste good, but they can wreak havoc on your teeth.

Give yourself the gift of a whiter smile, and you might give yourself the gift of love. Contact our dental office today to set up an appointment to get your teeth whitened, or ask any questions you may have about dental care, cosmetic dentistry, oral hygiene, or dental teeth whitening. Happy Valentine’s Day from the dental professionals at Acme Dentistry!