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digital marketing for dentists

Memorial Day 2017 Dental Marketing Content

Dear Life-Like Dentists: Below is the dental marketing stock content for Memorial Day 2017.  You can use this content for your blog and newsletter. Making a purchase from Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions this year grants you a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use this content with your marketing efforts. Simply change “Acme Dentistry” to your office name, add a teeth whitening offer, and you’re ready to go. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us, and Happy...
As your dental practice prepares for the coming year, here are the top ten reasons to consider offering Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions:

Top 10 Reasons to Offer Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions In 2017

Dear Dentists, The winter is a season for joy, creating new memories and laughter with family, friends and patients. It is also the time for reassessing how to take your practice to the next level in 2017. This past year has been busy and productive at Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions. We are especially proud of our year-round digital marketing efforts, which are designed to help our dental partners educate more patients about the benefits of professional teeth whitening. As your dental...

Happy Memorial Day From Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions

  Dear Friends, Over the Memorial Day weekend, there are plenty of reasons to smile. Memorial Day was created in 1868 to commemorate those who fought and died in the Civil War. Originally called Decoration Day, the holiday’s name was officially changed in 1967. Memorial Day was also originally recognized as May 30th of every year. However, this would make the holiday land in the middle of the week, and it could disrupt businesses since people would want to pay their respects. To fix...

Why Dentists Everywhere Are Switching To Life-Like Teeth Whitening!

  Dental hygiene is a staple in most people's life. Overall, we do an excellent job of keeping our teeth healthy, and the way dentists treat their patients prevents a multitude of potential gum diseases, tooth aches and more. Patients understand the importance of going to the dentist, and they make sure to take time to get their teeth cleaned. Patients also understand that sometimes heavier treatment is needed to get their teeth where they want. Some procedures, like braces or...
Making Dentist Appointments Another Reason to Smile

How To Make Dental Patients Smile

  Dear Friends, On St. Patrick's Day we celebrate Irish culture, and here at Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions we have been thinking about one quality that the Irish are famous for: "the gift of the gab." Irishmen over the world are known for being friendly, welcoming, and able to talk to anyone - a talent that we can learn from and apply to customer service when needing to put people at ease in the dentist's chair. In the digital marketing age, people have more choice on where to go...
risks of teeth whitening

Top 4 Risks of Teeth Whitening

There is a great deal of information available about the benefits of teeth whitening, but much less attention is paid to its risks. When cosmetic dentists are talking to their patients about the possibility of utilizing their dental whitening services they should definitely cover the advantages and potential risks that are involved, and explain how their use of professional whitening kits from Life-Like can help minimize any perceived negatives. Here are some concerns dental professionals...
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