Santa Barbara, CA, August 15th, 2013 – Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions, a worldwide supplier of dental supplies and dental products, announces the unveiling of a new national dental directory which will make it easier for dental patients to find cosmetic dentists who use the company’s professional whitening kits. The directory includes each practice’s name, address, contact, and location information.

Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions offers the most unique twist and seal syringe in the professional teeth whitening business.  We at Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions take pride in the fact that we only sell to dental professionals.  Check out our web site products section for our “At Home” and “In Office” whitening products.

Dental whitening is becoming increasingly significant to today’s health-savvy and appearance-conscious patients. Since the smile is the first thing people see when they meet someone, they want to be sure to make a good first impression. Although it is crucial to brush and floss every day, teeth may still become yellow or stained due to tobacco, wine, coffee, certain foods, or the aging process. While many patients utilize a home tooth whitening kit to help restore their natural white color, some find that nothing can compare to the fresh clean feeling they get from a professional teeth whitener. A whiter smile tends to be associated with a healthy, youthful appearance. Most people find that looking good just helps them feel better, too.

“We want to be able to help dentists respond to the needs of their patients,” commented Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions founder, Rodney Ogrin. “We see this national dental directory as a win-win opportunity for everyone. Dental patients will have a quick resource to help them find a Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions teeth whitening dentist who uses our supplies. Dental professionals who use our dental products will get calls from people who are looking for authorized Life-Like dentists. And we want to let as many people as possible know about our teeth bleaching kits.”

In addition to providing a complete range of products and this helpful directory for patients, Life-Like works to build strong relationships with cosmetic dentists and their patients. The company’s website includes extensive marketing and support materials, product instructions, testimonials, modality options and other resources, along with a regular newsletter and an informational blog that provides information on the dental industry. Its mission is to be a successful and profitable company that acts in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

About Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions: The original teeth whitening specialists since 1990, Life-Like provides practical and effective teeth bleaching kits for at-home use and tooth bleaching products for dental professionals to assist their patients in a successful teeth whitening experience. Since its founding, thousands of dental professionals from around the world have come to rely on Life-Like for support of their teeth whitener services. Dental professionals can purchase their teeth whitening products directly off our the Life-Like website. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 800-543-3545 ext 104 Our Customer Service team is here to assist you.