The best teeth whitening systems are effective at bleaching yellow teeth while providing ease of use and an affordable price point. When it comes to in office teeth whitening the best tooth whiteners are the bleach only systems which produce predictable results.

Tooth Whitening Comparison

The UV light method is no more effective than the bleach only systems as seen in a study by the Clinical Research Associates and is a more costly alternative. The research showed that the side by side tooth whitening comparison in tested patients did not measure any difference in whiteness. Further UV whitening reviews stated that the UV lights used simply did not generate enough heat or give off enough UV light to effectively increase any tooth whitening.

The bleach only systems, like Life-Like’s carbamide gel based system, the bleach is applied to the bleach trays and then applied to the teeth in the provider’s office. The company also provides home whitening kits as well. In the tooth whitening comparison gel makes handling the bleach in the whitening tray easier and more efficient for the dental professional. The advantages of the bleach only system in a tooth whitening comparison are significant. There are less steps to the process making application more simple and straightforward. The start-up cost of the bleach only system are significantly less than a UV system in a tooth whitening comparison. The need for maintenance and/or replacement of the UV lamp are eliminated by the bleach only system. The lower cost of hardware and the ease and simplicity of implementing a bleach only system are major components of an argument for their usage. The gel system used by Life-Like in the tooth whitening comparison makes handling the potentially caustic bleaches safer and easier for the dental professional.

As a dental professional the importance of reviewing a tooth whitening comparison cannot be overstated. The use of an excellent product will make the application easier and give the best results to the patient. The Life-Like system uses a patented twist and seal syringe making the dispensing of the carbamide peroxide solution easy and mess-free. This process fares comparably well when looking at different system components in the tooth whitening comparison. The economical cost of the bleach only system make it attractive for the provider. This savings can benefit the provider and the patient making it a win-win situation. The patient will enjoy the savings of this system over that of a more costly UV system. The patient will also have the same results as shown in the stated tooth whitening comparison. The provider will be benefited by being able to offer the service to a broader economic patient base. This will increase overall services provided and collected fees.

In conclusion, as shown in studies and the practical facts of the tooth whitening comparison, the best tooth whitening system is a bleach only system which integrates ease of application, as in the Life-Like system, and offers a high quality, economically sound solution to whitening teeth for the patient.

About The Author:  Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions provides high quality tooth bleaching products for dental professionals.  Thousands of dental professionals all over the world rely on Life-Like for their patients teeth whitening solutions.   Life-Like’s mission is to provide dentists with the most practical and effective bleaching materials available.