As a national provider of professional teeth whitening solutions, Life-Like Teeth Whitening Products knows how important a strong marketing strategy is to success. We utilize our marketing experience to help the dental practices we work with grow and prosper. To help decide what you should do to market your dental practice in 2014, here are the top 10 biggest dental marketing mistakes of 2013:


1. Failure to Get Listed in National Directories: Spending a few minutes to add your listing to our national directory of dental providers for Life-Like dental whitening products can help drive patients to your practice.

2. Not Using Available Marketing Materials: Many cosmetic dentists waste time and money developing their own marketing materials. Life-Like already has marketing materials that include everything you need to boost tooth whitening inquiries.

3. Lack of Repetition: Your dental practice must be at the top of patients’ minds at the exact moment they are considering dental whitening procedures. Use counter cards, statement stuffers, and frameable prints to increase patient acceptance.

4. Poor Before and After Photos: Patients like the virtual experience of seeing what their teeth will look like after the teeth bleaching process. Strong before and after photos, with testimonials from satisfied patients, provide excellent motivation.

5. Lack of Staff Involvement: Make sure your whole team looks their best by bleaching everyone’s teeth. No matter who the patient asks on your staff about bleaching, they will be able to honestly reply, “I’ve had the procedure done myself. What do YOU think?”

6. No Promotions: A simple promotion might just be the trick needed to convince your patient to go ahead with teeth whitening. Discount coupons, gift certificates, or drawings for free bleach can go a long way toward generating interest.

7. Poor Social Media Management: If you don’t have a regular blog, Facebook posts, or Twitter updates, potential patients won’t be able to find your practice when they search online for information about teeth whitener solutions.

8. Ignoring Current Patients: If every patient in your practice does not know about teeth whitening, you are missing out on a potential new market.

9. No Videos: Patients like to see and hear about potential procedures. A simple video on your website or YouTube channel can go a long way towards reducing concerns about teeth whitening.

10. Not Asking For The Business: It may sound tacky, but those who don’t ask, don’t get.


About Life-Like: Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions, the original teeth whitening specialists, provides practical and effective tooth bleaching products for dental professionals as well as teeth bleaching kits for at-home use. Since its founding in 1990, thousands of dental professionals from around the world have come to rely on Life-Like for support of their teeth whitener services. Dental professionals can purchase professional whitening kits from a wholesaler or an exclusive source, such as the Life-Like website. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 800-543-3545 for more information about boosting confidence with whiter teeth.