The whitening reviews are in and people are giving rave reports to Life-Like’s Cosmetic Solution for the best teeth whitening results from a carbamide gel product.

Whitening Reviews

“Life-Like seems to be on the cutting edge on new ways to bleach whether it be techniques or materials.” The patented twist and seal syringe makes dispersing the carbamide gel a snap and the differing strengths of the carbamide peroxide meet the needs of all users at the different steps and levels of need according to the findings. The tooth whitening comparison finds that the added use of UV lights to increase performance is insignificant. Tooth whiteners are a peroxide solution and the UV lights used only speed the drying process while offering no improvement in actual in office teeth whitening sessions. A clinical study done by the Clinical Research Associates showed that the effect of side by side applications of the peroxide solutions were unaffected by the use of UV light. The whitening reviews attribute this to the fact that the UV lights being used do not generate enough heat or put off enough UV rays to change the results.

The whitening reviews show that the materials used in the Life-Like Cosmetic Solution make a difference, “The Seal-Syringe is an exceptional delivery system. It simplifies the process for the patient.” This system coupled with the gel form of the carbamide peroxide solution make the application process easier for the dental professional as well as the user of their home whitening kits. In another of the teeth whitening reviews a user said, “It’s only available through a dentist, but it’s really worth the wait.” The ease of using the bleach trays at home to effectively whiten yellow teeth makes the system very attractive. Also, the whitening tray procedure is made simple with the no-mess gel solution, “I especially like the sponge laminate trays. I really believe they hold the gel in place a lot better than the regular trays.”

These whitening reviews are underscoring the successful and thoughtful approach put together by Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions and is the result of over 15 years of diligent commitment to excellence and innovation from the company to accomplish their personal goal, “Our mission is to provide you with the most practical and effective bleaching materials available.” It is this level of diligence that has brought Life-Like to the top of the industry. The whitening reviews set Life-Life apart as a top-quality provider of working and forward-thinking ideas and products for the teeth whitening process. One of the whitening reviews says, “Everyone likes the 30% and the Twist and Seal Syringe. It’s faster with better results. I don’t see how it could be better.” Another of the whitening reviews states, “On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate you 10. I even say that to our patients.” A dental professional comments, “I have used the product myself, and it is the only home bleaching product I offer in my practice.” The whitening reviews are consistently giving high remarks to Life-Like.

About The Author:  Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions provides high quality tooth bleaching products for dental professionals.  Thousands of dental professionals all over the world rely on Life-Like for their patients teeth whitening solutions.   Life-Like’s mission is to provide dentists with the most practical and effective bleaching materials available.